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A sub platform made for re-ordering.

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Lead Interactive Designer

2016 —

Pub Sub Platform

Publix, a beloved grocery destination in the south, is best known for its commitment to quality, hometown values, and their most celebrated staple, the Pub Sub. Accounting for 10% of their overall sales, the deli department offers a highly rated in-store experience and Online Easy Ordering (OEO) which includes five additional made-to-order subcategories such as desserts and seafood.

Findings from analytics and an OEO user testing, found a 15% drop-off rate due to decision fatigue, along with an abundance of anonymous and incorrect sub orders.

Our task was to create a stand alone sub solution focused on expedited ordering and account retention targeting professional Millennials conditioned to express ordering by lunch competitors such as Chipotle and Jimmy John’s.


User Profiles
User Journeys 
UX Strategy
Product Design

(Orginal Experience)

User Journeys

User journey analysis focused on identifying drop-offs, pain points, and eliminating decision fatigue. From this we identified where less was more and where more detail equaled better customer service, consolidating up to 10+ screens to 8-4. 


We utilized wireframes to better understand movement. Our goal was to identify when we were over complicating an action, where we could expedite steps, or where more information was needed to continue.



Placing the option to re-order straight from the home screen allows the user to skip the line and quickly checkout during a lunch rush. This positioned re-ordering as the primary way to order, promoting account creation.


Browsing often led to decision fatigue and resulting in drop-off later in the experience. Placing the option to search on the homepage takes out endless scrolling, and eliminates clicks.


With configuration, most feedback centered on mimicking in-store personalization and fresh produce. We made this first priority on product pages,  along with easy access to nutritional and FDA labeling.

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